Can't get away with the family this summer?  Whether you have lived here your whole life or you are new to town Anderson has something to offer for a wonderful staycation! From a wonderful day on the Lake or waking up with the sun to get a great deal at the flea market, Anderson is the place to be! 

Todays staycation idea: Entertaining The History Buff!

Anderson City Fire Department Museum- Experience an amazing collection of fire trucks from the late 19th and early 20th century. 400 S. McDuffie St. Anderson, SC (864)231-2256

Anderson County Museum- Take the kids for an in depth history of Anderson County, including a special military exhibit; an exhibit discussing the intwined history of agriculture, textiles, electricity and many other rotating exhibits.  202 East Greenville St., Anderson, SC (864)260-4737 

Ashtabula Historic House- This house was built in the 1820's contains many fine period furnishings and historic items.  2725 Old Greenville Highway, Pendleton, SC (864)646-7249

Farmer's Hall- The Pendleton Farmers Society has met in this building since 1826.  It is one of the five oldest farmer's halls in continuous use in the nation.  Now it houses the 1826 on the Green Cafe.  105 Exchange St., Pendleton, SC (864)646-5500

Hunter's Store- The headquarters of the Pendleton District Historical Recreational & Tourism Commission has historical exhibits and changing displays here.  125 East Queen St, Pendleton, SC (864)646-3782

Iva Museum- Learn about the history of Iva's Jackson Mill.  Explore a collection of antique household furnishing and appliances along with farm tools and scale model of Iva.  106 Broad St., Iva, SC (864)348-6544

Old Stone Church- Built in 1797 by Revolutionary War hero General Andrew Pickens as a Presbyterian church, it now stands watch over a fascinating cemetery which includes the graves of Pickens and his family as well as General Robert Anderson.   101 Stone Circle, Clemson, SC (864)654-2061

Pendleton District Agricultural Museum- Pre 1925 farm equipment and tools, along with Cherokee Indian and local historic artifacts are in this 6,000 square foot building.  120 History Lane, Pendleton, SC (864)646-7271

Ruth Drake Museum- The museum focuses on the agriculture, railroad, industrial, and cultural history of Belton and the Upstate.  50 N Main St., Belton, SC (864)338-7400

Timms Mill- This grist mill on Six and Twenty Creek, built in 1784, was recently restored.  The current site of the mill was built in 1989 and is powered by a 13 foot original Fitz Waterwheel.  150 Timms Mill Rd, Pendleton, SC (864)261-3366

Woodburn Historic House- This house museum was built circa 1830 by Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and contains period furnishings and historic items.  130 History Lane, Pendleton, SC (864)646-7249

Check back as we continue the Staycation with Shopping, Adventure and More!